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Nutrition plays a very important role in ensuring good health. That is why health experts advise people to eat a balanced diet during each meal. Unfortunately, maintaining a balanced diet in all meals is not second nature to most people. In most cases, individuals leave out essential nutrients from their diet by avoiding certain foods that they deem unsavory. A good example of such foods is vegetables.

For a long time, there has been a debate over the correct amount of vegetables one should consume and how he or she should prepare them to get the most from them. However, looking at the research now, it turns out that there is no limit to the amount of vegetables that one can eat, so long as the veggies have no harmful health effects to the person. Moreover, cooking and processing food destroys micronutrients available in vegetables by altering their shape and chemical composition. Therefore, the best way to go is to eat them raw.

barrel of veggies

The thought of eating raw vegetables makes some people squeamish. In fact, it is the reason why they do not eat vegetables. To counter this, nutritionists recommend juicing. It is an easy way to ensure that one reaches his or her daily target of vegetable intake.


Just as the name suggests, juicing involves making vegetable juice by blending different types of vegetables together. This makes it easy for one to eat vegetables quickly and enables him or her to increase the number of vegetables in his or her diet. Through this, one can access more nutrients easily.

When starting the practice, it is always advisable to use vegetable and fruit ingredients that appeal to one’s taste. The other vegetables can be added later in small portions. This makes it easier for one to adapt to the practice.

Health Benefits

Many health benefits come with juicing. One of them is defending against disease. With the right kind of vegetable ingredients, one can use juicing as a good prevention against specific diseases. A good example of such ailments is heart disease.

vegetable juices

Consuming juices made from certain vegetables and fruits can help prevent some heart conditions. There are some fruits and vegetables that help lower blood pressure, which decreases the long-term risk of heart attack and stroke. Drinking freshly made juice that contains these fruits and vegetables and avoiding other risk factors ensures good heart health.

Nutrients from fresh vegetable and fruit juice have greater impact if they are taken regularly. This means that to achieve good heart conditions, one should drink the juice with a balanced diet and exercise regularly. This combination makes up a healthy lifestyle.

One common vegetable that is used to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke is beetroot. Beetroot reduces blood pressure effectively. This can be attributed to one of its main nutrients, which is nitrate. Studies have shown that people who take a glass of beetroot juice daily have a lower blood pressure after 24 hours. This reduces pressure on the heart, making it more efficient and prolonging its life.


Pomegranate juice is also another good natural solution to heart conditions. Drinking 50ml of pomegranate juice everyday can lower blood pressure. This is because the juice produces nitric oxide when ingested, just like beetroot juice.

Another juice that prevents heart problems is cranberry juice. It does not work exactly as the other two juices. What it does is increase the level of good cholesterol in the body. To get the best results out of cranberry juice, one has to take it pure and fresh.

Garlic cloves also play a part when it comes to prevention of heart disease. They contain substances that prevent blood platelets from sticking together. This reduces the chances of development of blood clots which can be life threatening. Moreover, garlic cloves improve blood circulation and prevent atherosclerosis, which is a leading cause of heart attacks and strokes.


The good thing about juicing is that one can reduce stroke and heart attack risk naturally. This way he or she does not have to suffer the side effects of medication. However, it is always important to consult a doctor before proceeding.

Juicing at home also has many other health benefits. Some of them include reducing inflammation and preventing diseases caused by free radicals. Fresh vegetables and fruits are also rich in antioxidants that prevent cell damage, which can lead to cancer and other diseases. Therefore, it is important for people to make fruit and vegetable juice an important part of their healthy diet.

Research shows that many people have shunned balanced and healthy diets for junk food. For instance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most US youth rarely eat two to three ounces of whole grains every day. The same is true when it comes to eating the recommended amount of fruits (2 ½ cups) and vegetables (6 ½ cups). In addition, adolescents and youth tend to drink more high calorie and sugary drinks than milk. Unfortunately, unhealthy diets normally tend to increase the chances of developing certain diseases including prostate cancer, high blood pressure, esophageal and stomach cancer, and type II diabetes. The good news is you can avoid health problems associated with a poor diet by eating a diet consisting of all the essential food groups. Keep reading to learn more about this topic.

Weight Loss

Eating unhealthy foods on a regular basis generally increases the chances of putting on excess weight. Considering the fact that 149.3 million people in the US are currently either overweight or obese, according to the American Stroke Association and the American Heart Association, the consequences of consuming junk food regularly should be obvious. To help fight this problem, you should include whole grains, lean meat, fruits, and vegetables into your diet. Fiber in whole grains makes you feel fuller faster and lowers the risk of gorging on sugary drinks.

Higher Energy Levels

Eating healthy also helps to maintain higher levels of body energy throughout the day. This is because fueling your body with healthy carbohydrates, the right amounts of minerals, vitamins, and water will give you the energy to perform daily tasks. You should also eat healthy portions of foods rich in proteins such as poultry meat, fish, beans, and tofu. However, nutrition experts at the American Heart Association recommend limiting your daily intake of fatty meats such as pork and fatty beef. You should ideally consume less than 300mg of cholesterol per day.

Improved Cognitive Function

A study published in the Journal of School Health shows eating a healthy breakfast correlates with better cognitive function. Another study that appears in the Journal of American Dietetic Association shows that the food children eat in the morning can have a negative or positive impact on academic performance. Foods that help protect brain cells from damage include nuts, salmon, mackerel, tuna, dark skinned fruits and vegetables (they contain high levels of naturally occurring antioxidants), and vitamins (E, C, B12, and folate). In fact, a study by the Alzheimer’s Association found that most elderly folks who eat green leafy vegetables on a regularly basis tend to have the mental aptitude of someone two years younger.

Improved Immune System

The immune system plays a vital role when it comes to overall body health. In fact, a study carried out by the Yale Prevention Research Center found that nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, iron, vitamin E, selenium, and vitamin A help the immune system produce germ fighting cells. Moreover, essential nutrients help improve vascular function.

Blood Sugar

Taking sugary and high calories drinks as well as foods spikes blood sugar levels. As a result, one develops insulin resistance and type II diabetes over time. Eat foods that contain complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, whole grain bread, and brown rice because they tend to release glucose into the body more slowly.

Lower Risk of Developing Cancer

Statistics from the American Cancer Society show that cases of skin cancer have risen by between 400 and 800% in young men and women since 1970. Foods rich with antioxidants neutralize free radicals that damage cells by turning unstable free radicals into stable molecules.

Whether you are physically fit or not, it is wise to take your body’s wellness seriously. One way of maintaining a healthy body is by eating a balanced diet. Advantages of doing so include higher energy levels, lower cancer risk, and better cognitive function.